leonardo robot shop

Original created as sculpture drafts and pre-models for metal sculptures, now an own class of my art and design research:

  • Leonardo Robot Evolution 4.0 / Interior Sculpture / Artist's edition
    eco-friendly plywood sculpture / 57 DOF / all joints moveable up to the finger tips / unique poses or group installation  (sitting, standing, action, theme)
    12 specimen plywood / 6 specimen metallic or individual colour / only A-size / numbered and signed
  • Individual high-tech sculptures made of aluminium or steel
    for Atrium, Plaza, Foyer and Garden Landscapes
    Unique pieces, made for eternity (static, weight between 70 and 220 kg) 
    Realization if commissioned

Design and Copyright © Mario Wingert 1995-2000 / 2005-2010 / 2015-2019

Leonardo Robot sculptures are worldwide unique (registered US-copyright, international intellectual property rights, German Urheberrecht) and will be subjected to a permanent evolution. Credentials: Advertising Agency Steinhorst & Degenstein (Platon no.1, Heidelberg), Motec Biedermann (Villingen-Schwenningen), Neurotec AG (Friedrichshafen), Volkswagen AG, Institute for Graphic Data Processing (Darmstadt), Daimler Chrysler AG, Daimler Benz AG (Rastatt, visitor center), Karstadt AG, Freudenberg AG, University of Technology Chemnitz, Museum of Technology Chemnitz, Museum of the Future Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria, 2009). Siemens Nixdorf Museum (Paderborn), Jetter Electronics AG (Switzerland, 2008, 2018), H.D. (Privatier, 2018, San Francisco, USA), N.N. (private art & design collectors)

Leonardo Robot Bionic - Design Concept

  • A robot with natural - aka morphological - intelligence with humanlike ergonomic movement capabilities, already predisposed in the hardware design by passive dynamics and elasticity
  • Eco-friendly plywood chassis, modular platform system, easy mounting
  • Top lightweight and strong material properties
  • Integrated passive joints
  • Rapid laser manufacturing with high precision, 100-200 times faster than 3D-print based manufacturing today
  • Force sensitive reactivity by elastic muscle-tendon-units with variable tension and high force storing capacities
  • Predisposed step & kick reflexes, isometric and isotonic muscle work
  • Support of eigendynamics by an exploring neuronal network (AI)
  • If interested in development, design prototypes or chassis licenses, please contact me